Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration Services Florida

Water damage is the nightmare of all home owners. The probability of these types of incidents increases proportionately to natural calamities such as flood, rain, snow etc.

Water damage can cause immense financial loss by way of damaged furniture, heirlooms, electronic appliances, plumbing & electrical wiring of the house. Furthermore, seepage & accumulation increases the propensity of water spots, mold etc. which can prove to be a recurring burden on the wallet. The timely hiring of a responsible damage control professional is crucial to redressing the problem in time.

Causes behind water damage.

Malfunctioning dishwashers or washing machines, collapsed sewage system or septic tank, broken pipes etc. are just a few of the random reasons why water damage may suddenly herald an unforeseen crisis in your household.

Natural calamities such as earthquakes, rain, frost etc. can lead to long term water catastrophe through the stagnant ground water. When left unchecked, water damage not only reaps havoc through the destruction of property but may also cause serious health hazard through illnesses which I even lead to fatalities.

Categories of Water Damage

Water damage may be of varying degrees of magnitude & can be categorized in three different ways.

Category one water damage does not pose any clear & present danger to human beings & may even be classified as “clean water”. Chiefly, these include malfunctioning water supply lines or water related appliances like filters, refrigerators etc.

Category two water damage or “gray water” refers to a water body that is severely contaminated by chemical or biological elements which could cause illness in human beings. This happens due to a collapsed sewage disposal unit or septic tank but may also result from broken dishwashers or washing machines that discharge dirty water.

The final category or category three water damage or “black water” is contamination from bacteria, fungi or viruses which can lead to serious ailments in humans including long term physical damage or even fatality. This kind of contamination results from rising sea levels, overflowing of rivers or streams or stagnation of ground water.

We Are An Emergency 24/7 Water Damage Restoration Company In Florida

The restoration process has to begin immediately after damage. Timely intervention using the proper methods to combat water damage may mean the difference between getting away with minimal losses to your property and suffering disastrous losses to your home. The magnitude of damage almost always depends on two main factors – how polluted is the water that has caused the damage & how long was the affected property exposed to said water. Once damage control experts have assessed the situation & devised a restoration plan, hi tech equipment is called into play which then executes the cleanup process. Subject to the severity of the damage, the cleanup may be exhaustive or a slap on the wrist of the cleanup crew & owner of the affected property.

We cannot stress on the following enough – time is of the essence when dealing with water damage. Speed is the name of the game & if water damage is not dealt with swiftly & decisively with prompt action, even manageable incidents could blow terribly out of proportions & become completely unmanageable. Non-treatment of water affected areas may lead to mold & fungi growth. Sewage or septic tank leakage could further worsen the situation by releasing harmful bacteria & virus into the air which could lead to serious health issues & may in severe cases even lead to fatalities. Exposure to harmful fallouts such as mold etc. could lead to long term problems such as allergies, asthma or weak immunity.

At EZ Flood Restoration, we understand the importance of swift action to address the flood related damage. Our team of veteran experts brings years of experience & training to the table. Our highly skilled technicians promptly conduct a cost benefit analysis to figure out the best possible way out for our clients’ so as to minimize their financial loss. We use the most cutting edge & state of the art technology to dry, dehumidify & sanitize the affected property. During the work up, we document every step of the process for ready reference in the future in case of a relapse. During the course of our clean up, we maintain a quiet & discreet presence in your home so as to cause you the least amount of inconvenience as you go about your daily activities.

Once we are done, we deodorize the property for comfort & ease of our clients. Furthermore, we continue to monitor the affected property to ensure molds etc. do not occur from seepage & accumulation.

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