Mold Removal

Mold Removal

EZ Flood Restoration Provides Efficient Removal Of Hidden Molds and Mildew

Do you got hidden molds in your home? Do you got damp and misty space in your home?  May be, its time to call the Mold Removal Speialists in Florida.

What is Mold and Mildew and Why Are They Harmful?

Mould occur when there is substantial seepage & water accumulation over time. It is a form of fungus that develops from airborne spores. Any kind of water leakage or damage causing humid conditions in damp spaces without proper ventilation can lead to the formation of mould. It is found in variety of colours including blue, green, yellow, brown, gray, black, or white. Mold cause many  health problems, including migraines, pain in joints, allergic reactions, migraines, sudden mood  changes, and extreme fatigue.
Another common type of fungus which is commonly mistaken for mold is called mildew. In the open, mildew is known to occur abundantly in soil, plant leaves, wooden fibres etc. but inside the house it thrives on materials such as leather. A warm & damp environment is all that is needed for mildew to flourish. If left unchecked for more than 24 hours, spores will begin to form. Often mildew is also mistaken to be dirt because of its powdery appearance. Thankfully, there is a household test to find out which is which. Apply some bleach to the affected area & keep it for a few minutes. If it fades away, it is mildew. If it does not, it is dirt. Mildew can be quite dangerous especially in large quantities. Among humans, they are known to cause asthma, sore eyes, skin rashes & intense body pains. Mildew is especially harmful towards children.

Mold Removal Process

1. Reach Our Technicians At (561) 425-8898 . Our expert technicians will guide you and answer your queries

2. An inspection will be done by our mold removal expert technicians and an assessment of the damage done will be checked. The hidden source of moisture will also be traced by our experts and future course of action will be decided.

3.  The mold will be then removed by using anti-fungal and anti-microbe treatments. Also, efforts will be taken so that the mold colonies don’t re-appear.

4. The affected things like furniture, carpets etc will be cleaned, sterilized and restored by the experts.

Why Choose EZ Flood Restoration For Mold Removal?

Because our expert professionals understand mold and mold growth. We also have expert training and the right equipment for mold removal.  So, if you are worried about having damp in your home or office in Florida – just give us a call or fill up the form and our trusted professionals will be in touch with you asap.

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