Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire Damage Restoration Florida

EZ Flood Restoration Florida Provide you with Efficient Restoration for Fire and  Smoke Damage

Fire is more damaging than water because it spreads rapidly and destroys everything that comes in its vicinity. And after the fire has been doused, there is the challenge of removing smoke which infiltrates every nook and corner and coat all surfaces with hard to remove soot.

If you are facing fire damage or smoke damage in Florida, our team from EZ Flood Restoration is capable enough to provide you with prompt and efficient restoration services.

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Fire damage restoration must begin as soon as damage occurs to ensure that the damage does not become permanent. Quick address the problem also minimizes restoration costs. Although the damage caused by a fire is evident to everyone, the hidden fire, and smoke damage can only be assessed by a team of expert professionals.

Our Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Services

1. Inspection and Assessment of Damage
2. Cleaning and Sanitizing
3. Removal of Smoke Odor?
4. Carpet Cleaning
5. Mop up of Non-carpet areas
And much more.

Why Choose EZ Flood Restoration?

We are the fastest to attend calls and our emergency response time among the best in the industry. Anywhere in Florida, we reach within 45 minutes. Our expert technicians assess, clean and restore your fire damaged apartment to the pre-fire condition within record time.

So, why deal with the fire and smoke damage on your own when you have experts just a phone call away?  Call us at (561) 425-8898 or reach us by filling the form on the page and our epxerts will reply back asap.

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