Things To Know About Hurricane Irma If You Are In Wellington

water crisis hurricane irma wellington fl

With Hurricane Irma lashing the Caribbean’s and threatening to hit Florida, these are few things you need to know if  you are a resident of Wellington or its suburbs.

Many School, Colleges, Offices, Banks To Be Closed In Wellington

Many state offices, courts, schools,  colleges, offices, banks have all declared holiday till Monday. However, check with your organization if it’s an emergency and you need some work to be completed. However, it is safe to be indoors.

Comerica bank branches in Wellington will be closed.  However, the customers can call the customer support or send an email in case of any emergency.

Many events have been called off in Wellington for weekend due to Hurricane Irma

The following events are now off:

    • September 6: Coventry Green Neighborhood Watch Meeting
    • September 6: Mayfair Neighborhood Watch Meeting
    • September 7, 8, 9: Food Truck Invasion, movie showing and concerts at the Wellington Amphitheater
    • September 9: Jeff Annas 5k Run (there will be no makeup date)
    • September 11: 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony
    • September 13 – Hawthorne Park Grand Opening

Where To Get Water In Wellington

There is a sort crisis of water in Wellington. All the shops have sold out bottled water.

Matteo Ferrer, , Energy Manager-City of Fort Lauderdale tweeted that water is still at stock in Trader Joe’s Shop in Wellington . Here’s a snapshot of the tweet.

water crisis hurricane irma wellington fl

Flood Zones

There are many lowlying streets  in Wellington which are prone to flooding.  If you are in those zone, better try to follow all the news related to Hurricane Irma.


Protect Your Home From  Hurricane Irma

Do, you have a leaking roof or a  broken window? Now, it’s time to fill those gaps urgently.   These are some of the important steps you should rush to do now:

Protect your garage door to prevent more-extensive damage
Secure your windows and doors
Make sure  your roof is protected
Trim your trees
Clean your gutter and drain
Make sure there is no water damage like pipe burst

Do you have to evacuate Wellington?

Its better to keep an eye on news. However, as of now, there is no such government order. If you are in site built home, its safest place to be in. If you have a mobile or temporary homes, its best to follow the news updates.

Is there a possibility of flood in Wellington ?

Rains are expected during weekend according to weather updates. However,  whether it would be a flood or not has not been predicted. But its better to prepare in advance. So, better to replace the costly items from ground floor and store it in an attic or higher floors.


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