Flood Preparedness Guide – How To Minimize Flood Water Damage

You must be aware of the devastating flood that people of Texas is dealing with right now. This year’s flood in Texas s said to be the worst ever. But the fact remains that flood is one of the worst natural disaster in USA. 

Flood can hit anytime, anywhere. All the 50 states of USA has faced flood. Flash flood is also common in Florida. According to NBC news, South West Florida is facing a high risk of flood. At this point of time, it is appropriate to share with you some tips to protect yourself from flash flood damage.

Preventive Measure –  Four Important  Things To Do Before Flood Damage

Review Your Insurance Policy

Many people just don’t care about the right insurance plan. They assume their home protection insurance policy is sufficient to protect them from flood also. And they lose everything due to their assumption. You need a separate flood insurance policy to protect yourself from flood. Check with your insurance agent if you have one.

Check Your Gutters

One of the most important thing to prevent flooding is the proper functioning sewage system. If your drain is clogged, then during the rains it will overflow and will damage your exterior walls.

Clean Away Your Debris

Chances are your trees leaves, branches etc are lying in your lawn and you had been busy not to clear them away. It’s high time, you clear them off for these might cause your drain to be clogged.

Take Assessment Of Your Basement

Take steps to divert away rain water from your home. Must extend rain gutter downspouts away from your home. It is important to get a professional water damage restoration company for a good assessment. 

3 Things To Do During Flood To Minimize Flood Damage

Transfer Your Essential Items To A Higher Floor

If you have a higher floor in your home, move your essential items to a higher floor or atti. Take absolute care that you transfer the gas items. Expensive artwork, wooden furniture and other expensive items can get damaged by flood water – if it enters your home. Also transfer your important documents to a safe place.

Make An Emergency Kit

If Flood has already hit your town. Then be glued to the TV or radio and listen to what they have to say. If they suggest moving out – do so. You must have a ready made kit so that you can easily exit when needed. At the very least include the following in your kit:

A pair of battery and torches

A cell phone with charger/ power banks

Enough cash as ATM may not work

Toiletry and sanitary  items

Important phone numbers

Do not drive to flooded area. If you get stuck in flood, leave your vehicle and go to a safe place.

Switch off the electricity

If there is a threat of water logging and entering your home, it’s better to switch off the main electricity board. But be careful, that you are yourself not standing in water while doing so. It will be more harmful. Don’t touch the electrical appliances being wet.

How To Prevent Water Flood From Entering Inside Your Home

If water is already there outside the door, it is not a good idea to let the water stand there for long. Because it will make your base weak. Your best bet when water is threatening to enter your home is to get a SUP Pump to drive away water to another area of your house. 


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