5 Tips To Get Rid Of Smoke Smell After A Fire

5 Tips To Get Rid Of Smoke Smell After A Fire

After a fire, there’s the challenge of cleaning up the fire soot, repairing the fire damaged surfaces and things. Add to that the challenge of removing the smell of smoke. Smoke from a fire leaves a smell that is very challenging to remove. More so, when it involves the burning of plastic and synthetic materials. It is best to call a fire and smoke damage company to remove the smell for they have the expertise to remove the smoke smell quickly and effectively. In this article, we shall discuss few recommendations that a house owner could do to reduce the smell of smoke.


1. Blow Out Smoke With Air Pressure

After a fire, smoke particles occupy even the tiny spaces in your apartment. To remove the smell you have to force them out of those spaces. Set up a big fan at the entrance of the room facing inwards. Make sure all the windows are closed except a small space for exhaust. This will force the fresh air inside your apartment. And the smoke particles will be forced to come out in the open. Continue until all the smoke particles are blown out of the room.


2. Clean All clothes and curtains


Fire smoke infiltrates even the fabrics that were in the room- curtains, pillows, clothes, towels, blankets, bed sheets etc. You need to wash the fabrics with water and soap or dry clean them.

3. Wash All Solid Surfaces

Fire smoke can deposit on all solid surfaces in the affected room. So, it is advisable to wash all the furniture and uncovered solid surfaces with water, soap, and vinegar. You can also make a spray solution. Wipe away all the areas – sills, tables, chairs, baseboards – everywhere the smoke might have settled.

4. Clean Your Carpets

If your room was carpeted, then you need to deep clean the carpet. You can contact any professional carpet cleaning company for the job.

5. Mop The Non-Carpeted Area

For the area that is not carpeted, you will need to mop them. With time smoky particles will fall and deposit on the floor. So, you might need several rounds of cleaning. Dip your mop in the soapy solution and was the floor. And then rinse the mop in fresh running water.

These are some quick tips that you could employ to remove the bad odor left from a fire. You should hire a professional smoke removal company if you need more help.


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