3 Things Floridians Can Learn From Harvey Before  Irma Strikes Florida

prpeare for irma hurricane


A category 5 storm has the speed of 165 km, but Irma now moving in Carribean has the speed of 185 km.  Irma should be a category 6 storm if we can calculate and expand on it.

Texas is still reeling under the fury of Hurricane Harvey while another hurricane is waiting to strike Florida. So, what can we – Floridians learn from the hurricane Harvey?

1. Get a Flood Insurance

Many people in Texas lost everything because they didn’t have their insurance right. They didn’t have flood insurance.
According to an Associated Press report, about 41 percent of Florida residents residing in a high-risk zone don’t have a Flood Insurance. So, review your insurance. If you don’t have correct insurance see if you can still get one quickly.

Although it’s too late, still there are few exceptions 

2.  Prepare for disaster early

In case of Harvey, we saw a lot of delay in government orders. So, it’s good to see the government being proactive. Many flood prone areas have been asked for mandatory evacuation. Similarly, all home owners should also stock important stuff like money, gas, water etc.

Your Shopping List If You Are Preparing For Irma 

3. Sending Cash For Relief

All those outside of Florida and want to help with relief would do well to chip in with cash to organizations like Salvation Army, Red Cross etc. They will ensure that the victims get exactly what they need- not what you send.


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