3 Common Causes For Water Damage

3 Causes Of Water Damage

Most of us neglect water damage restoration until it is too late. Unless we have water flood water slowly rising in your compound or pipes start to burst out, we don’t call a water damage restoration company.

However, water damage is a slow process. Most of the time, damage begins from a simple leakage in a pipe or due to water lying house. In this article, we will take a look at three most common causes of water damage.

1.  Roofing

Flat roofing is one of the common cause of floor and ceiling getting damage. Despite the name, Flat roof is not generally flat. It has a slight gradient or slope to it which helps to drain off the water. But as time passes by, it becomes really flat or becomes concave in shape.  This faulty roof structure causes water to stand by and eventually causes leakage and damage to your roof and ceiling.

2. Pipes

Leakage in pipes is one of the common causes of water damage but since water dripping through the pipe is very subtle it hardly gets noticed. Ideally, you should call a water damage restoration expert if you notice the speed of water through pipes is slower or the color of the water is a bit yellowish.

Pipes may get leaked due to many reasons. Due to cold temperature pipes may get leaked due to over-freezing. It may also be damaged due to rust. Formation of film or rust inside the pipes is also one of the reasons for pipes being damaged.

3. Gutters

Another common culprit for water damage is your gutters. When gutters get jammed with things like leaves or branches, water overflows along the edges. This causes water to stand near your building causing dampness along your building and will cause water damage to spread.Apart from the above reasons, there are other reasons of water damage too. It is always advisable to get your home checked with water damage restoration experts. A good water damage restoration company will detect the source of your problem and also restore your home.


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